The Road Less Traveled

"Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes." Maggie Smith

Pretty Little Liars = UGH!!!!!

Anyone else bored with this show? I just started watching it a few months ago thanks to Netflix, and I’m already so over the show. I mean these girls are incredibly stupid and/or slow. I just finished watching the latest episode ‘Love ShAck Baby,’ and I can’t believe how dumb & trustful they still are.
After A’s many successful appropriation’s of their property and acquiring information from their laptop’s, like the episode where Emily’s mom had an open house, and she left her laptop on her desk unlocked and A accessed it, that these dummies still do it.
Ezra quite easily gained access to Hanna’s room and more importantly her laptop. The fact that they still haven’t learned how to put a password on their laptops speaks wonders. I mean it gets old & annoying after awhile. And worse, predictable. They still leave blinds & windows wide open, still leave doors unlock. I mean they are walking targets. I think A is just teaching them a lesson, like ‘this is what happens to stupid people…’ I think, I’m over this show. At first the show had me captivated, now I find myself barely able to stay interested. I used to pause it when I had to go the restroom or wanted a snack scared to miss a second, now I let it continue to play knowing I am not missing anything.
Oh well, that’s just my opinion. *shrugs*

One more thing, what IS up with Aria’s outfits? She wears some fugly clothes. I would fire my stylist. Like they’re supposed to be “Pretty Little Liars,” sometimes her clothes are so loud & hideous one can barely notice the person in them. I mean they all dress like they’re in their thirties and already working in a professional environment… what teen goes to school the way Hanna dresses??? But at least her stuff is not as odious as what Aria wears. Just saying lol